Milky Way


The milky way is barred spiral type galaxy which is a spiral form with a bar in the middle, is the second largest object in Local group galaxy. It was formed before 13.21 billion years ago at beginning of the universe. The name came up for its form in the sky its milky appearance as it stretches across the sky.

The galaxy size about 100,000 light year in diameter of stellar disk and a star ring around it so it has a mean diameter of 150-180 K-light year, with a thick of 1000 ly.

The center of Milky Way contain a massive black hole, that the solar system located about 27000 light year away with 250 M.year orbit cycle.

It contain about 100-400 billion star, more than the grain of sand on earth, and weight approximately 210 million solar Mass (mass of the sun 1,989 × 10^30 Kg), and an…

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