I am a Greek Cypriot, living and loving my retired life on the island of Cyprus. At age 67, I have learned a lot and have a passion to share this with other people. I am a realist who observes all things in life with a healthy bit of skepticism. Things in print are not always true, the world is not always what it seems, and the characters of people in the world run from Beowulf to Virginia Wolfe. What you get from me in my blogs is the world and universe, as I see it, where the rose colored glasses have been removed. My favorite pastimes are keeping up with scientific discoveries; reading everything from astronomy, biology, genetics, particle physics, and philosophy. My favorite quote is:

A man said to the Universe: “sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the Universe, “fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.”

I try to watch at least one new movie every day and my favorite authors are Franz Kafka, Albert Camus, and Friedrich Nietzsche.
I am retired from married life with two children, somewhere.Evgenia 2 in Limossol

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